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Take the next step in building the business you truly dream of.
Get UNSTUCK today

Hi I’m Malene. Leadership expert – with a sidekick of business strategist. I help you get clear on what you REALLY want in your life and business

You know the feeling…

You want “more” from your life and business, but you can’t pinpoint what “more” actually looks like.

You’re struggling to figure out exactly what you can offer to people. Sometimes you worry there’s nothing you can offer that’s worth paying for.

You just need someone to help you get unstuck. To look at the situation and your unique skills (because they are there!!) from a different perspective.

Someone to help you find the foundation of what it is that you do, and build a successful business – without it consuming your life.

This is the solution. No more wasting time “not knowing.” I’ll help you have complete confidence to pursue YOUR next business goal. Not another challenge, not another new freebie – complete clarity on where YOU want to go from here.

How it works

Schedule Your 60 min 1 on 1 Call

Click the link below book and pay for your 60 min Unstuck Session – your spot in my calendar is then secured!

Complete the Questionnaire

You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before our call, to give me a sense of your current situation and make sure I can help you in the most effective way.

Show up for the Call

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to my Zoom room where we will meet, to get you unstuck and ready to take the next step in your business.

We’ll figure out what you REALLY want your big goal to be and help you take the first steps on the path to achieving it.

After the Call

Once our session is over, you have time to implement your goals to get unstuck. 5-14 days after our call, you will recieve an invite to book a follow up session of 20 min to clear up any questions you might have. 

How I roll…

Everyone has a superpower – EVERYONE. Something they do better than anyone else. I help you uncover exactly what that is and how you might leverage it into a successful business.

My superpower is that I listen, and am able to get straight to the core. I tell it like it is – I don’t know how to be anything other than “heart on my sleeve”, honest and passionate – that’s just how I roll.

I also have the ability to hear what you don’t say, which can sometimes be even more important! I love moving you to the next level in your life and business. That place where you know this is the right thing for you. The way ahead is clear and you know exactly what to do next.

Need Clarity?

Clarity session

Maybe you love the sound of all of this, but you’re still not sure if I’m the best fit to move you forward in your business?

Here is something that might interest you:

The Clarity Session.

Each month, I offer 5 entrepreneurs the chance to work with me in a free, no-obligation “Clarity” session.

If you’re struggling to take the lead in your life and business, this is for you.

We’ll work through exactly how you lead yourself and you will discover:

  • What it means to do business on YOUR terms
  • Why you very clearly DO have something to offer people.
  • How to STOP being lost in and distracted by all the freebies and offers of other amazing humans, and take the first step towards creating YOUR business.

How this works?

  • Click the link below to complete your application for a free “Clarity” session. 
  • You”ll hear from me within 5 working days to let you know if you’ve been selected or not.