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To achieve ultimate success and reach your full potential you need to start striving for failure. Why? Because if you are not aiming to fail, you are not aiming high enough. If the goal you are setting for yourself is a guaranteed win, you are not pushing yourself to test out what your true potential really is. That will keep you playing at the level where you are at the moment.

To push your business forward, to reach some new destination in your business you need to do thing that you might not have done before. For you to do things that you have not done before, you might see that you were not good that that particular thing. You will only know this for sure, though, if you try. Once you have tried it – you will know for sure if you are going to fail at it or not.

You can read about what someone else have done, all day long, but if you dont put something into action, you will never know if it was right for your business, and your circumstances.

Once you have tried something and you figure out it didnt go like you planned, then you can look at it from the other side. You can look at it with new eyes, and see

  • What could I have done differently?
  • What would have made it a success?
  • What could you have done to life this experience?

You choose the light you want to see your work in! You can choose to see it as a failure OR as a learning opportunity.

To make the most of your failure, you need to truly look at the things that have gone wrong, and see if there is anything you could have done differently.

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Now, this is not to pass judgement, if there is something you could have done differently that is a gift. It is a gift because if it was all out of your hands, its just purely bad luck. If its only bad luck there is nothing you can do about it. BUT if there is something to be done, that is actually something that you would like to change going forward. That is something you can learn from.

Look at the side effects of failure

Now failing at something is not only the opotunity to change the exhact things that you have been wanting to try. You can also look at other things you have learned during a new project. Maybe you had to learn a new skill. Learn something new about marketing your business in a different way. Did you get to meet new people or how did you grow during that process.

Changing perspective on failure is not easy

For you to learn from your failure you need to change your perspective. You need to look at your projects and plans as something different. As a first attempt and not as a failure. That is not easy – I am not pretending it it. It has left me crying plenty of times.

It would be so much easier to just pass the blame on to someone else, and pretend that its all someone elses fault. That the project didnt turn out the way we wanted because of external factors. That way we still remain perfect. AND – it might be true. Someone else was maybe to blame for some of it. Only problem with that is, if you dont have any of the blame, you dont have any of the power to change it for next time.

Claim your second try

The best thing about failing in the online world, is that there is always a posibility to try again. The option to do better. Relaunch. Redo, and try again.

GO – dream big and make some mistakes. Claim your first attempt. Give it a good old imperfect try. And if it all fails, and you need to claim a second try, do that. And a third, and fourth and fifth, until you reach your dream.

You are amazing! And I will see you bye. Malene.