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I hear this time and time again. TIME – if there in one thing that the online entrepreneur needs its time.

There is that thing about time that this is not something that you have more of, if you have more success. We all have 24 hours in the day – and we choose how we spend them.

So how come some people have more success and seemingly more time, and some are left just trying to keep up with the incoming emails?

In the following I will give you 5 actionable tips that will help you move your business forward, even if you have no time.

Find time

I have said this before, and I will say again. Sometime this is just not possible. There will be days where everything just crashes and there is no time left for you. That’s okay.

But for you to move forward in an efficient way, you need to find a block of time, of about an hour (or several blocks that turns into an hour) so that you can get to my second point.

Ask you husband, friend, mother – someone – to take care of the kids, and block out some time where you are able to think, and draw and make a plan for the year ahead. (Yes, you can create a year plan, even if today is March 22nd!)

Save this post, in Pinterest or some other amazing place, until you have some time. There is no need to read on if you are not going to take action. Don’t worry – it can wait for you to have the time!

Where do you want your business to go?

Okay – so now that you have some time, we need to talk about where you want your business to go.

Take a couple of minutes and dig into what kind of business you are about to build. And when I say take a couple of minutes, I mean, set a timer on your phone or somewhere else. This is not meant to take you all day – or it can but don’t spend the say where you have a baby sitter doing this dream work.

I like to get out a big piece of paper and start writing things down. Now this is the time to dream up all of the things. Start big. What are the major things you will do in the year to come. Try to not think about the how. If you are like me, that will be a challenge, but try anyway.

What are the products you are sending out? – just ideas of courses, or an ebook, anything. What sort of affiliate launches would you like to be part of. What are the major events that you need to plan for? Remember to include things like kids holidays and major family events. Maybe you already know that you are traveling somewhere in the next year? Write all of the things down.

Evaluate your ideas, and get real

Well done. You have ideas there for 3 years of work, okay I cant see that, but let me know in the comments if I am anywhere close to right?

Its time to have a real look at that mindmap of yours.

What elements of that plan are MUST do items. What are the things that just fill you with joy, and you cant wait to get started on? Find a new color and circle the things that excites you the most.

NOW – with a different color circle the ones that excite you, that will actually bring in some money. Not talk about money. Not talk to other people about your plans. No fluff. Only the money makers.

Then – of those moneymakers that excite you. Which are realistic for you to do in the next year.

Don’t just get excited about a project and think that you can do them all, yes, I know Im guilty of doing that as well. But lets get completely real. What do you actually have time for? You are here because you didnt have the time, so we need to find just one project to start that excites you and that will bring you in some money.

Which one of the projects is the one you are going to tackle first?

Do a brain dump of all that tasks you need to do to create that project

Once you have decided on just ONE project. Yes, it needs to be just one, my multi-passionate friend – we will get back to the rest of the ideas, so don’t loose them, but for now, lets stick to one idea.

Now, take your timer and set it to 5 minutes. Write down all the tasks that are involved with creating that project. Leave nothing. I like to do this in trello, because that way I can sort them later. Now some of the things you want to think about is tasks like

  • Research
  • Marked need
  • Ideal client
  • Competitor analysis
  • actual product creation
  • marketing activities

Write down all tasks you can think off!

Plan it out.

Now you have all of the tasks that you need to do to create a money making product. Every little task on that big list, is important and will take you closer to your goal.

Make a plan of when you will do what. Be realistic with the time you have available to you. I know, you don’t have any time – but sometimes you can write things out, on your phone, while trying to get a baby to sleep. Yes I have done that! The brilliant thing about Trello is that they have an app, so it will be easy to go into the list and just add a little something every time you can.

Now there may be some tasks that you need help with, or something you need to learn along the way. But even if you move yourself forward with just a tiny step, each and every day, you will be closer to achieving your business goals before you know it.

I totally believe in you, and believe that you can do this. Should you want someone to talk to about your business, I am always right here.

You are amazing!

See you, bye.