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We all have a true superpower, but are you struggling to uncover yours?

Well, I’m here to help you do just that, with seven questions that you can ask yourself to figure out what your superpower is. What is your true North? What is it that you were meant to do?

These questions will lead you straight to the answer:

1. What have you always done?

When you look back over your life, is there something you’ve continuously done, all the time. Be aware that this can be a very small thing. You might feel like there’s no consistency, you’re always jumping from one thing to another, to another…and another!

But if you look a little deeper than that, can you find a common thread? Is there something there that’s the thing that you enjoy doing the most? Perhaps you had a job working in a warehouse,and the best part of that was organizing and stacking boxes. Then, later on in life, you went on to become an accountant, and what you loved most about that was organizing expenses and stacking figures so they made sense.

See where I’m going with this?

Perhaps that might be your superpower – organizing? So think back across the things you’ve loved doing and look for characteristics they have in common.

2. What do you do for fun?

Look into the things that light you up. What excites you? Are you really good at playing sports? Do you always enjoy hosting dinner parties? Do you love to bake? What is it that you do when you’re having lots of fun? What is fun for you? Take a closer look there.

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3. What do people always ask for your help with?

What are you the “go-to person” for in your circle? Do your friends always ask you for gardening tips? Are you the one they come to with their baking questions? (We mentioned it before – perhaps that’s your thing!) Maybe people ask your advice on party planning, or gift-giving. What is it that people always want your help with?

4. What is it that you always find time for?

You tell everyone you’re so busy (and you are!), but what is that one thing you always make time for, no matter what? Do you always find ten minutes to do a quick drawing? Carve out some space to play board games with your family? Make a point of snatching a few minutes to read a chapter of your latest book? What is it that you always, *always* find the time for?

5. What do you enjoy doing most in your business?

Which are the tasks in your business that light you up and get you excited? As an entrepreneur, I know that there are some jobs that are on the “ I just have to do this” list, but are there other things that I can’t wait to tackle – the “Let’s go, it’s Monday morning and I’m ready for this. I want to do more of this” type of thing. That’s a clue as to what you’re really passionate about – what your heart truly desires.

6. What’s the Common Thread

Now, review your answers to questions one to five. Can you finda thread running through your responses? Is there something that features in all your answers – in one way or another. So, going with our earlier example, if you noticed you’ve always been the organizer, that you quite like being organized, that friends ask you for organizational tips….you might be onto something. Can you spot anything? What is it that you do better than most people you know?

7. Why do you do those things?

You’ve identified your common thread, but let’s unpick it a little. I’m going to quote Simon Sinek here now and ask you to “Start With Why.” So, you love organizing (and you’re pretty good at it) but what it is about that makes it your thing?

Is it because you know much time we save and how much more efficient getting organized makes us? Do you love that organization helps to create more space and freedom in yours and other people’s lives? Now we’re getting to the root of it! So look to that. Look to your why.

And there you have it – seven simple questions you can ask yourself to help figure out what your thing is. Take some time out, somewhere quiet where you can hear yourself think, and use these questions to figure out what truly drives you. What’s *your* unique superpower?

Please write it in the comments if it’s something that you feel comfortable sharing. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.