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Realize your true potential and create your own version of success.

With a practical, down to earth approach to life and business, and the occasional “Trademark Gentle Push”. Lets map out your visions, goals and dreams!

Life is too short to spend it chasing someone else’s goals.

Everyone has a new “formula” or “secret” that you need to take your business to the next level. Only problem is, it’s not YOUR formula. And the truth is, there is no formula, your business is unique. 

It’s time to take back control and start chasing the business that was always meant to be yours – utilizing your unique superpower!


Take Imperfect Action!

Okay, so you’re no longer walking to the beat of someone else’s drum, but how are you supposed to move on?

Don’t worry my friend. I am here to help you. Together we’ll create a plan that will move you closer to your vision of success – One imperfect step at a time.  

Online Mastermind

Collaborating with other like-minded entrepreneurs to take you and your business to new heights.

Need true friendship and community?

Having an online business can be a lonely path, but it doesn’t have to be. Join us in the Imperfect Entrepreneur Community.

Need accountability and my trademark “Gentle Push”?

If you are truly ready for empowered support in your business, choose to work with me one-on-one.

Everyone has a superpower…

Mine is to help you find yours!

But not only that…

Once we’ve uncovered your superpower, I’ll show you how to use it, and help you build a clear path to create and grow the business of your dreams. But your business should fit into your life, not the other way around, which is why I take the holistic view and look at the big picture vision of how you want your life to unfold. 

Hello there, my new friend.

I am Malene, the Imperfect Entrepreneur. I am a clarity and purpose mentor, which means I help you find your dreams, then plan them out, so you can start making them actually happen!

I do self high fives every time I mess up, because – hey – at least that means I did SOMETHING to move me towards the life I want. Living up to the name!

I am a multi-passionate, heart-driven and very imperfect entrepreneur. I truly believe that you are amazing and that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

I am a mother of 5, and I live with my family in the woods in rural Denmark. I hold a degree in international business and marketing.

Other random information:

I am a proud Ravenclaw. I once started a travel agency in Mongolia, and the first move from my parents’ house, was to the other side of the world, to Sydney, Australia.


Be part of the Imperfect Entrepreneur Community

Join other purpose-driven online entrepreneurs, creating their own version of success by building a profitable, sustainable business based on their unique super powers!

Kind words from others:


Malene has an uncanny ability to help you uncover the big picture that you’re really striving for – not just in your business, but your life as a whole. She really, truly listens to everything you’re saying…but more importantly, to everything you’re NOT saying!

She helped me pull the pieces of my ideas together into a cohesive vision, and set me on a clearly marked path that I could start on immediately, to creating a business that was built around my strengths & values and is the perfect fit for me.

She’s positive, inspiring and motivating, always encouraging but endlessly practical, and I highly recommend her. 

– Sarah Hanstock


Malene is an experienced leader who helps people tap into their own leadership potential in a relatable, empathic way. One of the things I loved about working with Malene is that she challenged me to think about my business differently. Malene’s energy is logical, methodical and systematic – a much needed balance to my free-spirited creativity. Our brainstorming session helped me clarify what I wanted, and the steps that would help me get where I needed to be. The outcome was a rethink of how I appeal to my ideal clients, and a new process for them to get to know me. Thank you Malene!

–  Amy Garner

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